Four steps to boost sales with eCommerce marketing on Twitter

Twitter is an excellent way to market your goods and services to potential customers and get sales quickly. But unfortunately, most e-commerce owners don’t know the full power of Twitter and what it can do to their sales. Most People think that setting up a Twitter marketing system is time-consuming, complicated and expensive. If you can set up a Facebook page fast and without hassle, I bet you can set up a twitter page too.

Here is all you need to start a twitter marketing system:

  1. A catchy twitter profile
  2. A good follower growth plan
  3. An evergreen content


If you have gotten all three things, then you can start using Twitter to boost your sale in this following ways

  1. Create a Twitter profile. You cannot market anything if you don’t create a profile that your customers would have to follow. Your profile should introduce you, and what your business is all about. A good profile would determine if your customers would buy from you. Your profile is one of the first things your customers would see, so take it very seriously. Your profile should contain your name, profile photo, header photo, bio, location, URL, and pinned tweets.
    1. Attract followers in a great way. Once you have your profile in place, don’t make the mistake of buying followers (they are always inactive followers) and don’t follow massive amounts of people. Here are some things you can do to attract followers:

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  • Target your competitor’s followers. You can go through your competitor’s profile to see if there are unanswered tweets, if there are unanswered tweets, pick some that you can answer. Responding to your competitor’s follower’s tweet would give you a better chance of gaining more followers.
  • Use other social Medias. Link your Twitter account to all of your social media like Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn; this gives you a higher tendency of getting more followers.
  • Twitter chats. Hosting Twitter chats can be a very great way to gain lots of followers. You can host Twitter chat on different topics to enhance engagement.
  • Use guest blogging. With guest blogging, you can get as many followers as you want. All you need to do is to target top blogs in your niche and post guest posts on their blogs. Add your Twitter account in the author’s bio and ask people to follow.
  1. Structure your tweets for engagement. For each tweet, you have 140 characters. You need to use these 140 characters to convince your customers to buy what you sell. Always put it in mind that your tweet doesn’t necessarily need to be too long to convince your followers. If your tweets have links, you should place them near the start of the tweet. Never forget to hashtag; a post with hashtags would get more engagement than a post without it. Tweet with images; images are the best way to grab the attention of your customer.
  1. Use a Twitter list to monitor your targeted audience. Like all social Medias, Twitter is a very busy place. You should make use of Twitter lists to get your tweet noticed by your targeted audience. The Twitter list would help you remain focused on your targeted audience.

Boosting your sales using Twitter requires a big strategy, but if you follow these tips, and focus on your audience, you would gain the trust of your followers. The moment you gain the trust of your followers, you would be able to boost your sales.

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