Ecommerce Marketing: Five Trends to Watch Out for in 2017

It is an understatement to say mobile technology is changing the status of business worldwide, in fact, the growing trends in e-commerce are changing even the way we do business locally. Today, we know the shops on our streets online more than we know them physically. Businesses are looking more into data that can help them serve their customers better. As long as we desire more success through online business, trends supporting e-commerce will continue to engage our attention like the ones you will read about below.

  1. Social commerce. Social media is now a crucial part of eCommerce marketing. It allows you interact with your customers and gain more traffic and sales. One of the biggest trends in 2016 was the inclusion of eCommerce in various social networks like Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook. With the use of social commerce, you can gain more sales, audiences and also interact with your old customers.

  1. Mobile commerce. It is a big fact that the world is going mobile. Most of eCommerce traffics and revenues came from smartphones and tablets. The mobile commerce was a big trend in 2016, but it is still a significant trend in 2017 as the use of smartphones is multiplying by the day. In order to stay ahead of the competition and gain sales, investing on mobile interaction should be your top priority. You should also invest in mobile wallets; this makes it easier for people to pay through their mobile phones.
  1. Content marketing. Content marketing has being a big trend for a while now. Getting an excellent, engaging, educating and compelling content will not only give you more sales, but it would put you ahead of the competitions. Always note that it is not always the product and service description that needs content, your social media posts, advertisements, blogs and press releases also needs contents.
  1. Same-Day delivery. Using the same-day delivery strategy is the best way to get customers and boost sales. Most customers would want to stick with an online store that delivers their goods to them that same day than going to a store that delivers their goods to them 3 days after. Same-day delivery also helps you limit cancellation of orders.
  1. Remarketing. Most customers would not buy from you just because of one Ad. Showing your product to your customer every time they move across the internet is a good way to propel them to buy.

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